Published April 20, 2020

April Update—Free Leadership Content for a Season of Crisis


Leading Others

To serve you in this difficult season, we’ve complied our most relevant resources to help you lead during a season of crisis. The Leadership in a Season of Crisis will be updated regularly as we receive more resources, so check back in to discover the latest!


Access 6+ Free Full-Length Leadership Talks

Are you looking for guidance on how to lead during this unprecedented season? Check out these incredible full-length video sessions featuring Nona Jones, Craig Groeschel, Chris McChesney and Bobby Gruenwald, who share practical tools, ideas and encouragement from their expertise and experience, helping you discern your next right step in your leadership. View Now >>


Leading Through Crisis with Craig Groeschel

In this two-part webinar series, Craig Groeschel dives in, with more than 5,000+ leaders around the world, to share what he’s been learning on what it takes to not just survive but to lead and innovate during crisis and change. The topics he covers include three types of effective communication and how to prioritize your goals into four tiers. He then closes each 1-hour session with invaluable Q&A from the live audience. View Now >>


3 Categories of Resources Specific to Your Needs

Whether you are a marketplace leader, ministry leader, or simply want to see what your favorite GLS faculty is sharing during this difficult season, we’ve divided up our free resources into three convenient categories. View Now >>



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