Published March 13, 2020

Practical Tools for a New Working Atmosphere

This is part two of a three-part series which includes 16 Free Resources for Leadership in a Season of Crisis.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise in many places around the world, people are asking, what do I do next? Many are looking for guidance and direction to make the next best decision to protect themselves, their families, their staff and their communities.

While we at the Global Leadership Network certainly make no claims of healthcare expertise, we recognize that sound leadership in a season of crisis can help prepare us for a new reality, solve difficult problems and provide hope.

Below we’ve curated 6 free leadership resources from our GLS alumni faculty and guest leadership contributors who share practical tools for the new working atmosphere that many of us have found ourselves in recently.


Managing Remote Workforce: 7 Things You Need to Know


The late Jack Welch talks about what you need to know to manage a remote workforce. 


Entering the Danger


In this short video Patrick Lencioni talks about how avoiding difficult realities may have greater negative consequences later


Four Rules for Having Constructive Conflict over Email


Joseph Grenny discusses how the absence of accountability and trust that seeing someone’s face promotes, means we have to be especially careful in a day and age where conflict over email can be dangerous


5 Tips for Emotionally Intelligent Emailing


Travis Bradberry dives into the five strategies for keeping your emotions within reason so that you don’t hit “send” while your emails, tweets, comments and virtual chime-ins are still flaming.


Ep 031: Sheila Heen with Jeff Lockyer (Part 1)


In this two-part podcast series, Jeff Lockyer interviews difficult conversations expert, Sheila Heen, on how to structure difficult conversations, and the need to shift our stance to one of curiosity. 


Ep 032: Sheila Heen with Jeff Lockyer (Part 2)



If you’re looking for additional resources to support you in your leadership, visit the Grow section on We are honored to serve you during this season.


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